Prices and quotes.

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It is difficult to give an exact price or quote on internet. You really have to pass by the clinic to see one of our dentist to get the correct diagnosis and based on this we can give you a quote with fixed price for the recommended treatment. The dentist will also explain to you what alternative treatments that might be available to fit your needs and the differences in duration of the treatment, efficiency or budget.

In general terms we see that we are less expensive than North Europe in dental care. The difference can be up to 40% lower in price and that without being a low budget clinic

Quality in all aspects.


If you choose to come to our clinic you will have the certainty of getting the best of treatments and highest quality in materials and processes. Our dental clinic is modern and has all the latest equipment needed to give high quality treatment. As we keep a high profile in dental care, we are not a low budget practice. Said that, we are still not very expensive compared to other clinics in the same segment and compared to United Kingdom we are quite inexpensive. And an important aspect, we keep to the prices we give in our quotes and we give warranty on all treatments. We want you to come back next time you need to visit a dentist.

By Catharina Hvid-Hansen