Scandinavian dental clinic at Costa del Sol.

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Clínica Dental Noruega is a modern dental clinic in Fuengirola, a town that merged together with Mijas, and has become the centre of the expat-colony at Costa del Sol in south of Spain.

Our Scandinavian clinic is situated in a quiet corner in the town centre of Fuengirola, surrounded by orange trees in a typical Spanish patio.

If you arrive early to your appointment you can either sit in our waiting room, or wait outside in the tranquillity of the patio.

Modern equipment.

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Of all diagnostic methods, dental x-ray is one of the most important. Our clinic offers digital x-rays that allow the process to be simplified, and minimizes the level of radiation to our patients. The pictures can be taken as individual images of each tooth or as a general view that shows all the teeth and jaw at the same time. With the help of this OPG image (ortopantomogram), one is able to inspect all teeth and roots, and detect disease or infections in jaw, temporomandibular joint or sinus. This panoramic x-ray is also essential for proper implant treatment.

A fully handicap adapted dental clinic in Fuengirola, Spain.

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Our dental clinic is fully handicap-adapted, offering comfortable and easy access. There are no uneven floors or narrow doorways that could make access difficult. We are located on the ground floor and there are no obstacles to get to the entrance.

If you come in a wheelchair, it´s generally simpler to enter through the main gate of the Building Tres Coronas, located at Avenida Clemente Diaz Ruiz. From there, you won´t find any narrow passages or other obstacles.


In the communication between patient and dentist it is of most importance that both feel comfortable in the choice of language. As we all know the Costa del Sol is a place where many nationalities with different languages live together. That´s why we make sure that all our staff speaks as many languages as possible. Of cause you can speak English to all our staff.

We speak English, Spanish and the Scandinavian languages.

By Per Hvid-Hansen